Thursday, July 16, 2009

Syracuse, New York: Of burnouts and flamethrowers

So ya, here I am, in Syracuse New York for the Syracuse Nationals.

The what? You've never heard of this 7000+ car show of epic proportions? I don't blame you. It is one of the best kept secrets in motoring, but maybe I can change that.

My friend John Weston (who helped get me into the whole automotive journalism deal) invited me up here to cover the show. John likes burnouts. He also likes flamethrowers. Ever see 150 feet of flame shoot out of the back of a truck? Neither have I. But supposedly that is what I will be seeing this weekend at the Syracuse Nationals.

I will be blogging all about it, as well as posting updates to Street Legal TV. Hopefully I can walk away with more than a few articles to send to car magazines as well. All in all, this should be a fun long as I don't burn the hair off my head trying to get some sick photos.

For now, here are two teaser pictures...a 1,000 horsepower nitrous injected '79 Malibu Wagon, and aforementioned flamethrower truck...this dinky little flames are just the pilot lights.

Ya. Big fire.

The room is also coming along quite impressively, and I have even begun organizing the garage more, to make the most of the space. I almost dropped the shelving on myself twice, but hey, what is life without a little foolhardy danger? Besides, it would have taken me hours to unload and organize those shelves...or just a little donkey strength to move them.


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