Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Almost Livable

I have to give my parents credit.

They want me out of the living room and in the basement so much so that while I was in Syracuse for the weekend, they got a LOT done. I could probably move down there right now if it wasn't for the battleship of a dresser sitting smack dab in the middle of my room. But the walls are spackled and primered, the ceiling is finished. Just need to put up a bookcase and a few more outlets.

My dad and I even organized the garage/workshop area. These shelves were nothing short of a cluster fuck, and leaning further than any gangster could ever hope. It is a small miracle they did not collapse atop us. I managed to find a buttload of old car parts too...I definately have another engines worth of parts just lying around, which gets my brain-a-thinkin'...

But now, they are rearranged and much sturdier. Plus, there is room for a fourth shelf now (to the right of the rightmost shelf), meaning more room for more crap. Yaaaaay.

Too bad I am disappearing again this weekend for Gathering of the Vibes (and I am bringing my camera this year to document the shennanigans). But maybe, just maybe, next week I'll finally be downstairs in a room of my own. Or maybe another week of trying to sleep through the morning rush hour that is my house. `Yup, that is my bed. A far cry from my old room.

Also I am going to try to get a little feature story up on one of the nifty cars I found at the Syracuse show. I have too much to write and not nearly enough time to write it! But maybe you see why I haven't been home all that much...

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