Friday, July 17, 2009

Day Two, Part I: Water, but no wash out

I've been wandering the fairgrounds for a few hours and I am rather wet. But I've taken like, 300 something pictures so far...seen some really crazy, wacky, wild rides. Here is just a preview, I'll put up a more detailed post later for shizzle.

No idea. Late 4o's Mercury maybe? I dunno, I think it's sleek and sexy and I love dog-dish hubcaps.

For the Camaro fans...big block blown badassness.

The best car Buick ever made...the GSx. That's a tachometer on the hood.

Corvette LT1-powered '73 Mercedes 450 SL. Unique much?

Some kind of crazy supercharged Auburn Speedster. I am pretty sure this guy is going to win an award, because I have NEVER seen anything like this.

I am gonna figure out what all these cars when I get back there when I

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