Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Its Been Awhile, But There's A Good Reason

I decided about a week ago to use capital letters at the beginning of every word in the title. I'm not sure how I feel about that decision.

But lo and behold, I am typing to you from my new room in the basement of my parents' house. And it is a room in every way. Except I like cable. But Netflix more than makes up for that.

Hard to believe just two months ago this was my father's workshop of 30+ years. It took longer than projected. But to be honest, it was a lot faster than I expected. But the painting is done (though it lacks trim, like I give a rat's ass). This has also brought me to the realization that I have accumulated a lot of shit myself. I have a long way to go before I catch up to my father. There isn't nearly enough room for it. I kinda of backed myself into a corner here.

But at least I get to pretend to have some privacy. I say pretend, because my room is pretty much the main thoroughfare from the upstairs to the workshop/garage. I found a shop-vac, extension cord and plenty of dirt tracked across my room this afternoon. My dad was only trying to clean, but still...this is going to become a common occurence.

I'll deal.

Chapter the 1st is closed on my room, but I have plenty of work left to do. A retaining wall to start, writing to be published, and projects to unfold. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I haz floorz!


Glue is sticky. I mean, that makes sense, right?

I just got done gluing down the commercial-grade tile floor for my basement. Since cement is a heat sink, all that insulation and all wouldn't do much me much good with a cement floor. Besides, that shit gets cold in the winter.

But the floor came out great. And so did the walls, which I painted a nice burnt orange. I felt like orange would be perfect for a room so far from the I always liked the orange color on muscle cars. So I brought my "Happy Hour/Last Call" sign to the Home Despot and got them to color match the Happy Hour side. It matches perfectly!

Plus, I finally convinced my father to move the chest that dominated the room out into the hallway (he wouldn't let me touch it, he had to do it ALLLL by himself...stubborn ass).


AFTER (not much prettier)

I'm on the home stretch now. So much so that I have even begun working on other, outside projects, like this horrendous hill next to my garage. I weeded it, but now I am afraid erosion might bring the whole hill down. So I am going to build a new retaining wall and terrace it two levels to eliminate the threat of erosion. But so far...just weeding. Maybe this weekend, the wall? Finish floor? Finish paint? MOVE DOWNSTAIRS?

Eh, not likely. Laziness runs in the family.