Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Those precious few final hours

My last day ever as an undergrad, and I skipped my first class today. In fact, I shouldn't be getting out of Earth Science for another 15 minutes, but to hell with it. This is it, the culmination of five years, seemingly endless frustrations, too many nights I can't remember, yadda yadda yadda.

College was kind of a disappointment. I had fun and met a lot of interesting people to be sure, but for whatever reason I kind of expected more. The awful dining hall food didn't help either, but it has been two years since I ate that slop. Maybe I had too high of expectations for college, because none of the shit I saw in movies ever happened there. I've seen some shit that should be in a movie (I'm working on that...) but overall my perception of college is a lot different than what I imagined it was like going in.

It all went by so fast. I guess that is a good and bad thing. Now I just have a few more finals standing in-between me and Freedom.

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